07 Jan

New Year’s Resolutions For Singles


The new year is an opportunity to reflect on our previous year and set achievable resolutions that will help us grow into a better version of ourself. My guest this week was my former life coach and astrologer, Kate Wind. 

Kate and I had  a great time breaking down these necessary resolutions for singles. 

1- Ask Yourself “What do I want?” Clarifying this aspect of your life is crucial. This way you start the new year with a clear vision of what you’re seeking in your future. Be very specific and detail oriented. Don’t just say, I want a blonde with big boobs. Ask yourself, do you want her family to be local or out of state/country? Do you want her to have a sense of humor or lots of family money? Do you want to date a lot of different people to gain a better perspective of what you want? Or do you want a long-term relationship with someone you can spend the year to get to know on a deeper level that you can start building a future with?

2- Hang out more with your single friends vs. friends who are married with children. You need to be around people who understand the current dating scene. Don't worry about hurting your married friend's feelings.

3- Cleanse yourself of any leftover feelings you have for someone from your past. Pack all things that remind you of him/her and put it away, donate or sell it. Also, on social media, unfollow and block – do what you have to do that will benefit your well being. It’s nothing personal.

It’s not that you’re learning how to throw people away, but this is your way of moving forward. By allowing your heart and soul to function without them. Then, you will finally be able to have room for someone new in your life. Look to the future and stop dwelling on the past.

4- For all your future first dates ahead of you in the new year, be realistic, stay optimistic, and stop fantasizing so you aren’t disappointed! What I mean is, keep the first dates simple; meet them for coffee or a drink. Don’t show up with a negative mindset of “as soon as she sees me she wont be interested anymore”, or show up overly enthusiastic because you’ve been fantasizing about her for days before meeting her. STOP!

5- Start accepting invitations to social events. Stop over analyzing and just go! Even if it’s for an hour. Even if it’s once a week. Grant yourself a social life. This is a great way to meet new people!

6- Smile more, be happy. This can have a huge impact on your mood and the aura you create for those around you. The positive energy you create for yourself when you smile can draw people in toward you. Nobody wants to be around a bitter, angry person!

7- This is for the GIVERS. If you’re a selfless person who puts everyone except yourself first – this year make a conscious effort to pamper yourself more often. You can’t fill other’s life from an empty cup. So make sure your cup is always full so that you can keep on giving.




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