03 Jan

8 Red Flags To Not Ignore When Dating A Woman


Love is like a drug and just like drugs, love can cloud your judgment and blind you from red flags. And when you’re in euphoria, we tend to go blind to these obvious red flags in front of us.

Here are my 8 most common red flags that I hope you’re able to identify when you’re in lust.


1 -She’s a Princess

She has the princess mentality and she’s not afraid to show it and flaunt it. It's on her iPhone case, it’s in her instagram bio, and her most used emoji is the princess.


This woman has a sense of entitlment and expectations that will set you up for failure.

Her needs will always come before yours and even your children. OUCH!


2 - She’s a Drama Queen.

The moment everything is happy and smooth sailing in any aspect of her life, she begins to stir up controversy to create drama.

You always find yourself asking “what now?”

She demands to be center of attention, all the time!!

People who demand to be center of attention could actually have a psychological disorder.

It’s called HPD. Stands for Histrionic Personality Disorder.

This woman will grab your attention in the beginning and light a fire in your pants. But it gets old because you’ll start feeling miserable in the relationship.

Some hints to lookout for include: she’s constantly fighting with her parents, complaining about her girlfriends, questioning why you looked over at another female, and is the center of gossip at her workplace.


3 - You Can't Have Bro Time

If she guilts you every time you want to hang out with the boys then you need to ask yourself this question…

Have I given her a reason to not trust me? If the answer is no then the red flag is on!

A good woman will encourage you to have bro time. Because a good woman has a mature moral thinking and understands that bro time is good for your well-being and when you’re good then the relationship thrives as well.


4 - You Hate Her Friends & Family

If you can't stand her friends and family and every time you’re around them you’d rather be run over by an 18-wheeler than this is a huge red flag.

The reason why you don’t find her just as annoying, just yet, is because you’re in the lust phase.


5 - She Treats Waiters Like Shit

How she treats others (who are complete strangers in passing) such as waiters, flight attendants, or store attendants is evidence of her true character.

Psychologists say that the way someone treats a stranger is often an indication of that person’s empathy, social conscience, and maturity.


6 - She’s Not Flexible

She’s incapable of going with the flow. She’s not willing to compromise. She’s unable to adapt to sudden changes in plans. Things must always go as planned otherwise hell breaks loose.

The best way to find out if hell will break loose is to travel with her. When we are traveling, plans are inevitable to change – so traveling is the best way to test her flexibility.



7 - She’s Not Appreciative

If she never stops to thank you, make you feel appreciated, or show you gratitude for the things you do then run!

After a while you will begin to resent her by not performing small acts of kindness and she will begin to lash out.

Eventually her ungratefulness will cause you to breakup.


8 - She’s Violent

Physical, mental, emotional abuse is abuse. No one should tolerate this red flag, ever!

Do not make excuses for her to stick around. Help her get the proper professional help she needs and allow her to work on it herself. Don’t be her savior.

Just because her punches and slaps don’t hurt you, please understand that this behavior can quickly escalate into much more serious offenses. Seek help!



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