30 Dec

Open Letter – Recapping My 2017

Recapping my 2017 while simultaneously practicing what I preach - vulnerability.

On a weekly basis, you guys open up to me with your dating and relationship issues. I too, share a great deal about myself but this year was different.

My year started out with a mandatory surgery. I had to get my parathyroid removed. I'd never had surgery and I had never been put under. (I know I said I’m ready to be vulnerable, but I can’t share with you why the surgery was mentally challenging for me. It’s way too personal.)

Aside from the surgery, I experienced something this year for the first time that was excruciatingly painful but somehow it made me grow strong and mature -- even more than my departure from my nearly decade long run at TMZ.

It was a breakup. A true heartbreak!

I discuss topics on The Anna Report that are relevant to me. But heartbreak from a breakup was truly foreign for me.

I can now genuinely empathize with anyone who has ever experienced it. It’s physically painful.

Somehow as I look back on a year that was full of very highs and very lows, I realize everything happened the way that it was meant to be. It all makes sense now. I’m meant to soar without him.

I loved him unconditionally and I set the bar very high for the next woman who steps into that role. But I gained something from him that’s far more valuable – he showed me how to live.

Unfortunately, we will never know how long they choose to love us. But from the great words of Lord Tennyson, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

I didn’t realize my full potential until I was broken. When I had to sit on The Anna Report the very next day and talk about relationships without breaking down. After I was done with that live show and cameras went off I felt this sense of power come over me. But I realized that as humans we cannot do it alone. It takes a village. How lucky I was to be surrounded by friends who raised me up and didn’t allow me to quit. It allowed me to build myself all over again, but stronger than ever.

I have no regrets for loving selflessly. I didn’t make a mistake by loving wholeheartedly. To me that’s a sign of strength and no way I’m ashamed of it. Contrary, it’s brought me VERY close to the right person.

I often get asked if I believe in soul mates and yes, I do. What’s great is I got really close to meeting my soul mate. He wasn’t it, but damn I got close. And when we do find each other it’s going to be LIT. I can’t wait!

What I learned is this… COMMUNICATE. Talk about everything and everyone and anything. Really get to know one another! This will build trust. Be honest, be loyal, be faithful. Be there for one another. Leave the past in the past, that includes ex’s. Accept that you won’t always be happy. Learn to appreciate each other’s flaws. Be ready to fight and be ready for awesome makeup sex. Be compromising. Challenge one another. Lose the arguments, not each other. Help each other soar. Become one another’s #SoarMate™. And, love each other unconditionally.