01 Nov

Dealing with Mixed Signals from Her


Mixed Signals

It’s very common for women to give men mixed signals. I’m guilty of it too! Sorry guys.

Here are some commonly used or misunderstood mixed signals and I suggest you approach them as if it were a tennis game.


The most important thing women look for in a man is consistency. If you’re consistent with her, she will less likely give you mixed signals if she’s interested in you. Sometimes we give mixed signals because it’s a way for us to protect ourselves from your inconsistent behaviors. But if you’re consistent, then she won’t have any reason to give you mixed signals in order to protect herself.


We (men and women) tend to overanalyze situations and actions. Stop overanalyzing and overthinking her every word, move, and social media like/comment. Just because she likes your Instagram photos doesn’t mean she actually likes you and wants to have sex with your or be your girlfriend.


When we like you, you actually make us nervous. So if we go from being light hearted and fun to being awkward out of there giving you mixed hot and cold signals…sometimes it’s because we actually we realized how we like you and you make us nervous. It’s the old school playground ways.


If you were mean or rude to her at some point because you were a fuckboy then be ready for a storm of mixed signals from her. If you say or do something disrespectful then you’ve lifted her guards to protect herself and she’s no longer into you because she’s too busy dodging your fuckboy ways.


She cant make up her mind as to if she likes you, what she wants, who she wants. Do you want to be with someone who doesn’t even know what she wants for herself?


Think of it as a tennis match and play along with it by flirting. She throws you a mixed signal, it’s your turn to send her a mixed signal. Sure, don’t play any games but when you first meet someone it’s all about flirt so turn the mixed signal into a flirtatious game. Challenge her!


You cannot out of nowhere burst and explode at her when you’re in the middle of this mixed signal flirtatious game. Suddenly you become sick of the game, you’re fed up and confront her to ask her to define your relationship. If you’re in it to play the game then DON’T BURST!


Make sure you’re reading the signs properly and not overanalyzing her small genuine gestures as signs of anything more than just her being a sweet person, that’s it. Don’t start making assumptions that she must be into you. Be careful you’re not misreading the entire situation.


Do not fall in love with her during this period! This is the lust period. Don’t catch feelings for her, you’re only playing tennis with her and love means nothing to a tennis player.


Yes mixed signals can be confusing, they can start to get annoying but you have to make sure you don’t drag this game on for too long. If the flirtatious game doesn’t turn into a committed relationship then she wasn’t sure if she wanted to date you but she recognized how awesome you are and what a great person you are. If that’s the case, then you need to get out because you’re going to get hurt. Do not fall in love with her, do not go crazy on her and know that she may not like you and its okay – you don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t like you.

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