26 Dec

Holiday Dilemmas For Interfaith Couples


Every year during the holiday season I noticeably become on edge. There’s a lot of pressure in every aspect of our lives. Many family obligations become more stressful than joyous.

Now imagine getting through the holidays with a significant other who doesn’t get it?!

I was very curious to know how interfaith couples can bridge faiths during the holiday season. I invited a pastor and a rabbi to help answer questions live on The Anna Report.

Our first guest was senior pastor Lorraine Coconato from Leaves of Healing Tabernacle. Pastor Lorraine blew my mind right away by saying as soon as you meet someone; before you even go on your first date, address the issue of religion. You must discuss these differences right up front because our beliefs can bring heightened conflict. The best time to seek religious counsel or simply have the conversation is very early on when you only like the other person. Because once you’re married, it can become a warzone. Often when there’s a pregnancy all of a sudden their faith becomes important to them.

She wants to help avoid divorces. So addressing these pitfalls before they walk down the aisle are crucial.

Rabbi Yonah Bookstein at Pico Shul shared a great piece of advice for interfaith couples and that’s to experience how your partner celebrates holidays with his/her family. Then ask yourself - and then each other - if you see yourself being a part of these traditions annually. When it comes to raising children, a lot of things come to the surface that present new challenges to dual faith couples. It's not so simple.

Both Pastor Lorraine and Rabbi Yonah highly recommend seeking spiritual guidance!!!


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