02 Nov

BASIC Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating


It's completely fine to be online dating. 

Now that you're cool with meeting women on dating apps, you have to ask yourself what your purpose on these apps are.

Once you've defined your purpose, now you can go swipe to meet the woman (or women) that share the same purpose as you. 

During this online dating process, there are very BASIC do's and don'ts.

Checkout the list I put together for you or watch the video of me describing each one.

  • make sure you’re smiling in your photos
  • make sure the photo isn’t blurry and so old and pixelated where I cant even make out what you look like let alone see your smile!
  • Stay away from professional glamour shots
  • No selfies – including shirtless mirror selfies
  • No photos with other women
  • Don’t look like a dbag, that’s all you have to do
  • Post photos of you that others have taken pref with a smart phone
  • No photos with your family
  • No group photos, where I can't tell which one you are
  • Write a clever bio, but not a cocky one
  • Your photos should show you doing the things you love the most
  • Log in often
  • No old photos of you where you still have hair and a 6 pack
  • Pictures with your pets are great
  • Emphasis if you’re a dog or cat guy
  • Do not misrepresent yourself
  • Don’t get emotional and take anything personally- grow a thick skin
  • If you take too long to ask a girl out, youll miss your chance (not all women are ok with asking a guy out)
  • Don’t ask her to delete her dating app on your first meeting
  • Don’t make perverted sexual jokes when we are first messaging
  • We look at who’s following you and who you follow and if you’re following a bunch of skanky Instagram models --- Pervert alert!
  • We use apps to see which accounts you've liked, commented, and followed past and present - make sure you keep your social media presence intriguing and respectable
  • Never mention your physical characteristics
  • Never approach a woman with a bet and ask her to win you $20
  • Don't approach us with any controversial topic (the good women are extremely cautious online)
  • Don't be indecisive - know what you want and do as you say
  • First online dates - KISS! Keep - It - Simple - Stupid. 



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